Fine Dine

Fine Dine

Royal Café presents the traditional flavors of Indian cuisine complemented by global ingredients and techniques for a contemporary twist. We have also introduced molecular gastronomy to deliver a taste of modern cuisine to our patrons. We use the elements of molecular gastronomy such as agar-agar, maltodextrin, lecithin, and spheres to deliver an international gourmet experience to our patrons. Some aspects of molecular gastronomy have been used to enhance the experience of the dish not just in terms of flavor and visual appeal but also to introduce an element of surprise. Many people mistake this concept to be synthetic, unnatural and therefore unhealthy because it mostly relies on the techniques of fuming flasks of liquid nitrogen, led-blinking water baths, syringes, tabletop distilleries, and so on. The fact is that the "chemicals" and "processes" used in this procedure are of biological origin. Even while they have been purified and processed, the origin of the raw materials used are usually marine, plant, animal or microbial. Additionally, these additives are used in minuscule quantities and have been approved by EU standards thus making them safe for consumption. Our culinary offerings endeavor to take our patrons on a novel gastronomic journey through the grandeur of traditional Indian cuisines coupled with modern techniques to recreate the traditional recipes. 

Our eclectic spread brings together dishes from the far corners of the country to underline the culinary heritage handed down the generations. Recently we have added Potli Kabab to our menu.   

We take special care of the vegetarian fare through a separate kitchen specially designed for the purpose and keeping in view the sanctity of the food to honor the values of our vegan and vegetarian patrons. 

We keep the authenticity of each of the recipes alive so that future generations know about the traditional cuisine of our country.

The curries at Royal Café incorporate exotic spices with elaborate cooking techniques to achieve complex savory flavors of the finest cuisine.