Our Story

1991 was a defining year for Lucknow as the city turned into a metropolis. Several multinational corporations set up their offices and this brought a whole new culture and lifestyle in its wake.  People working for these multinationals were hard pressed for time and desperately looked for a restaurant where they could get quality food at affordable prices. It was at the cusp of the lifestyle change that the three Ahuja brothers – M.D., Lakhan, & K.L. chose to be pioneers in setting up the first Royal Café restaurant in Hazratganj, Lucknow. Their initiative was a resounding success as the city did not have any modern restaurant then and people seemed to have been waiting for a place where they could unwind and let their hair down. The ambiance and décor of the restaurant was just right for the city folks and it was reasonably priced. Encouraged by the response, the Ahuja brothers who were by now veterans in the hospitality industry, decided to start a chain of Royal Café restaurants across Lucknow. They also established other formats of restaurants and pubs including Royal Hut and Colours. The chain of restaurants continues to thrive, bringing delight and entertainment to the people of Lucknow, and is poised to grow beyond city boundaries.