Royal Cafe

The royal cafe is a brand of Jagtiani hotels and properties with a rich legacy of forty years in the food & beverage industry in Lucknow. They have been delighting & entertaining the citizens of Lucknow with great food at highly affordable prices. This chain of hotels is known for introducing several signature dishes including Basket Chaat, Potli Kabab among others. They have also brought about several innovations for preparing food in hygienic conditions. State-of-the-art German equipment is used for preparing Tomato gravy. A lot of the cooking in the restaurants is done by sophisticated machines without human touch. Machines do the rice cooking without a human touch while the rice is washed & cooked in RO water.  The Paneer used for cooking is pasteurized and vacuum packed and food products are vacuum sealed before storage so they remain in a sterilized environment as it tastes better and is also safe. Advanced fryers are used to remove all the excess fat from the food to keep it healthy & nutritious.

Over the last 4 decades, Royal café has charmed celebrities and captains of industry alike. The restaurant has been frequented by some of India’s biggest stars. A beacon of culinary excellence across the country and the undisputed pride of Lucknow, Royal Cafe has won innumerable accolades over the years, making it a nationally recognized Indian restaurant and the preferred dining destination of gourmets, celebrities, captains of industries, and important political leaders for nearly 40 years. 

Its outlets are located in the center of the city

1. Royal café  Shahnajaf Road, Hazaratganj

2. Colours by Royal Cafe

3.  Royal Hut, Shahnajaf Road

4.  Sahara Ganj Royal Cafe